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Our goal is always to be the low price leader in every community where we operate. Store managers make the final decision in always taking care of our customers, but we do have guidelines for matching our competition. Most of the cashiers know him and me by now and know that we know the rules better than they do. Plus, Walmart overall has a mindset where they are willing to lose a few dollars on an item because they believe that if they can get you into the store, you are going to buy other things at full price and you will be a repeat customer, which makes them money long term.

Sorry the rest of you have trouble. They actually take those seriously, believe it or not.

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Also, they would rather lose a customer then a few dollars. I had a cashier tell me that it might be better for me to go to meijers next time if I was going to price match so many items. This was at mason ohio. I had the same thing happen to me today. I tried to buy Chips Deluxe cookies for the children. When I got up there, the manager or whomever she was told me it was only for the family size.

She and the cashier absolutely insisted that it had to be family size, when I of course, had looked carefully at the ad and picked up the correct ones. I told her the store in Live Oak, accepted them all the time with no problems. Competitors do not have a bar code for their coupons. I have to use an electric cart and there people behind me. I will take it up with her tomorrow. She even told me the store in Live Oak was wrong. I took my money and my coupons and went to the other stores and by the time I got out, I did almost as good as I would have, if I had bought it from stupidmart.

Then I asked to speak w the store manager. I worked at Walmart for two years so I do know the rules. The manufacturer will honor their coupons, and the store will recuperate the value of the coupon, so it is wrong to tell you you may not use a coupon that is of greater value than price paid for the item.

How to Start Couponing for Beginners: 12222 Guide

Is that a phone number? Am I right? It is considered double couponing so there for the cashier was correct. They do take comp coupons. All manufacture coupons are accepted but internet coupons must have the barcode and the cashier must be able to scan it.

Walmart Coupon Policy & Price Matching Policy

Hi, I went to 5 different wal-marts to ad match an item on Amazon no third party and got many excuses all leading to store manager that they could not accept the matching due to … cannot use two offers on one item ad match and in store gift card for the item purchased as stated on the walmart website. I do not feel I should have to drive 40 miles out of my way to get the item that i want. Then again I shouldnt have to since the policy clearly does NOT state that only one offer can be used. This issue is very upsetting since I coupon alot at walmart and know the policy very well, but its true they have the final say so and I dont feel that the policy should state that unless within reason like the customer being extremely rude or even then just causing problems.

But in this case I asked the questins I needed to ask and when the final refusal was given I thanked and left. Hey everybody…..

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Put them in a folder and take it with you. So the next time you have a problem just pull it out along with the Walmart phone number. This should solve all the problems. Good Luck.

It kind of sucks, but I guess I can understand why some bargains that would result would be too cool otherwise. The manager of the store is also saying stores need to be within 5 miles of walmart. Is this true? No it is not true! Call or email Walmart directly and they will get into trouble and a manager will call you to help you. When I have a problem I call corporate and within a day or two a manager calls me back. They get into big trouble when you call corporate on them. But I decided to be loyal to Walmart. Big Mistake!!!!

Price Matching Highlights

Because Marcia would not honor any sale prices for any stores unadvertized in store sales. I offered to give her the phone number to Kroger, so she could verify it. But she refused. This is the second time this has happened to me at this Walmart. The first time, I had to go round and round with Pauline the store manager and she finally agreed to honor the prices as she knew I was telling the truth about the sales at the competitors.

I had enough. Walmart is wasting my time and energy. Just think, if I would of went to Kroger for the Brawny paper towels I would not have been hassled and Kroger will double my. And the Kroger cashier would be happy to see me and then the bagger would offer to help me load my car. Think about this…. I went to walmart today to price match a few items from the Walgreens Ad but the CSM said they dont do after register rewards prices. A lady i know did this same transaction the day before and the cashier gave it to her.

So is it policy not to honor after register rewards prices? Or is it totally up to the CSM and Cashier? I went to walmart to price match and coupons. They wouldnt match quite a few of the things I was going to purchase. I was told that becasue the store was too far away. I looked for restrictions about mileage and couldnt find any. She wouldnt take one of my coupons because she said i had to buy two of the items and that was not the case. They have lost a lot of my business now. I have had some very bad experiences trying to price match at Walmart over the years.

The most recent was this weekend when I tried to price match Mountain Dew that was less money at Menards. I called the Walmart customer service number and they told me they could have helped with that yesterday and hung up on me. From now on I will always go to the store where the item is and buy it there and at the same time buy anything else I need. I just tried to match a piggly wiggly ad at my local wal-mart. I got the ad in my local paper. I got some last night with no problem. I went back today, and they said since the ad shows square containers, and wal-marts containers are oval, they refused to ad-match the item.


I was enraged! It was the same size and brand…. I felt insulted by their attitudes. Lets see what home-office has to say about that! Wal-Mart has the right to its policy. It is, after all, their policy, and the merchandise is theirs, until someone buys it. The policy reads that they match the price, when the price is not specified, there is no price to match. Other stores know the policy, and purposefully do not print the price in their ad. You can find the policy online, print it and bring that with you to ensure the associates follow the letter of the policy. It is also always a good idea to bring with you any ad you want to match.

Further, store managers and assistant managers have full discretion to interpret the policy, and to give a customer what will make that customer happy. Wal-Mart would not be in business long if they only did what makes customers happy. I just started price matching and have run into a few bumps already. I just read and printed out the wal-mart policy on coupons and ads. Yes you can use another stores coupons and their reward cards such as Kroger and tom thumb. And yes their policy is to match any local ad! The stores hate that.

I will be taking my printout with me from now on! It saves me money. Unless you are holding up the line lol. They will do it to get you out of there. The store I go to is in fort worth Texas off Vickory. I have had to argue and call the manager. But yes I get tired of arguing. Are you really gonna drive 50 miles, to save a few bucks?

Further, if you bring in a current receipt, that will be honored to let you pay that price.

Would anyone be surprised to know some employees of Wal-Mart do not follow policies? It is not up to the customer to bring the ad with them. If you print it and take it with you, sometimes it can help at the register. Otherwise, pull it up on your SmartPhone before you get into the store, that way it is handy should you need it.

You can also fill out the survey that is printed at the bottom of your receipt. No big deal, just smile and patiently wait…. TrueCouponing Comments explaining more are in Pink. You can print this Official Walmart Coupon Policy directly from the Walmart website in case you want to bring it with you to the store.

Thank you! So if your coupon value exceeds the sale price, that difference will apply towards your other purchases. Coupons must be presented at the time of purchase. Only one coupon per item. We have the ability to limit the number of identical coupons and the number of coupons for the same item per transaction.

Item purchased must be identical to the coupon size, quantity, brand, flavor, color, etc.